Logging - Lewis and former Albert Property

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Logging - Lewis and former Albert Property


Series of images from a logging operation conducted in late 2016 and early 2017.


There are a variety of logging methods in use in the mid 2010's. This collection features clearing out an area of about 9 ha (22.5 acres) as well as a small spruce plantation planted in the 1930's. The operation is highly mechanized, using relatively large specialty equipment.
According to our next-door neighbor who moved to the area in 1962, Mrs. Vaughan who owned the property had a number of 'make work' projects for the townspeople during the depression in the 1930's. One project was planting about 6000 spruce trees in at least 3 locations. Another was constructing a swimming pool. I well remember Lester Champion speaking of building the swimming pool, and how cold the water was. I never swam in it, but went over there a fair amount in the 1980's and 1990's.
The trees north of ours were removed around 1991. Ours have been due for removal for many years. We took advantage of a logging operation on adjacent land to ours in January 2017.


Edward N Lewis

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Harvesting Spruce Trees
This video depicts the mechanical harvesting of a spruce plantation that was planted in the 1930's as part of a 'make work' project on the part of a wealthy landowner.

Video. Brush resulting from a logging operation is mechanically chipped and put into a box truck for transportation off site.

Video. Saplings and brush resulting from a logging operation is mechanically chipped in anticipation of transportation off site.

Cutting Spruce Plantation
The first of an estimated 1,700 trees is coming down. It snowed last night; powder snow has shaken off the tree as it is being cut.

Cutting Spruce Plantation
The 'feller buncher' consists of a boom, grabbing hooks and a disc. The disc has teeth that are about 1-in x 1-in x 1-in, far larger (as expected) than a chainsaw. The hydraulically-driven disc is visible at the end of the boom. The operator just…

Cutting Spruce Plantation
Cutting spruce plantation. The 'feller buncher' with one operator has been working for about 1.5 hours; he has taken down about 50 trees or so. The machine can cut a 12-inch tree in about 1 second! This is extremely efficient timber harvesting!

Spruce logs queued for processing
Spruce logs from spruce plantation have been cut and stacked. They are to be skidded to a central location for further processing.

Logging spruce plantation
Logs are in queue for further processing. The picker is picking up clean boughs for chipping. The ships will be used to generate steam at Cooley Dickenson Hospital in Northampton.

Logged Spruce Plantation
The spruce plantation has been removed using a 'feller buncher'. The logs have been removed from the site. The green needles on the ground will decompose. It will be necessary either to graze a few goats in the cut area, or plan to brush hog the…

Logging spruce plantation
The spruce plantation has been cut. The logs are queued for further processing. The pollards are stacked for chipping. These tree-tops are clean, they will be chipped for burning as bio-mass at the Cooley Dickenson Hospital in Northampton.
Our dog…

Logging spruce plantation
Spruce logs have been cut to length and loaded into a truck for transportation to a saw mill. These logs will be used for building a log cabin.
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