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Digitized image of black and white photo postcard showing the Congregational Church from the east and north with car parked in front. On back: 'Worthington, Massachusetts' on top and 'Photograph by David N. Fisk'
on bottom. Postally unused.…

Sepia real photo postcard titled 'Congregational Parsonage Worthington Mass' made by Thrasher Post Card Co. Mt. Clemens, Mich. and Worthington, Mass. Postally unused. From a postcard album (since deteriorated) left by Mrs. Josephine (Rice) Creelman

Sepia real photo postcard titled 'Congregational Church, Worthington, Mass.' made by Fletcher & Company, Orleans Vt., #33 in upper right corner. Postally unusued. Shows front of church (east side) with four stained glass windows. Gift from Lee and…

Sepia postcard from sample book of Herbert Berniss Thrasher (1884-1927), photographer. Titled: 'Congregational Church, Worthington, Mass.' (#70). Thrasher was the son of George M. and Hattie Lyman Thrasher. Guy Thrasher was his brother. The sample…

Black and white photograph showing front portico of Congregational Church with a February snow pile. Church is painted white.

Black and white photograph showing white-painted Congregational Church from the south in summertime.

'Black and white lithograph postcard titled 'The Common, Worthington, Mass.' and 'W.M. Shaw's Series.' It is a W. M. Shaw's Series photograph. View south from Congregational Church on Huntington Road (Rte. 112). The roads aren't paved. The…

This is the photograph that is so ubiquitous on post cards. It is black and white and oval, taken from the northeast with a view over fields of the Town Hall and the colonial First Congregational Church before it burned. This is framed and the black…

Black and white photograph of First Congregational Church from the south.
Stepping stone for carriages, no horse sheds, Russell H. Conwell (New consolidated) School in rear. Church painted white.

Black and white photograph of First Congregational Church from the front, showing boulder commemorating World War I and World War II veterans
Church painted white.

On front: 'Congregational Church, Worthington, Mass.' Black and white photographic postcard of the First Congregational Church painted white. Snow is visible on the ground and the trees are bare.
The number 24C6 is in bottom left corner. Rear: The…

Pieces of the old bell of the First Congregational Church Worthington Mass. after the fire of April in 1887

Deed Payment for Horse Sheds on Town Property. Voted October 15, 1827 "The Committee for the sale of the shed grounds made a report whereupon it was voted that the money arising from such sale be paid by said Committee into the Town Treasury. And…

Quitclaim of property (parsonage property) from Women's Benevolent Society to Congregational Church. Copy to Rev.Douglas Small

Jennie M. Brewster deeding Congregational Church land east of Huntington Road. Copy to Rev.Douglas Small

Floor plan of Congregational church Copy to Rev.Douglas Small

2 copies of Deed: Transfer from First Parish to Congregational Church Copy to Rev.Douglas Small

Prayer for 75th Anniversary of the Congregational Church delivered by Kenneth Osgood. Copy to Rev.Douglas Small

Program, First Congregational Church, 50th Anniversary. Poem by J H Owen called Anniversary Hymn, letter to Mr Rice re improvements to church dated August 21, 1939. Copy to Rev.Douglas Small

Massachusetts Congregational Fund. Reports to shareholders 1946, 1947; Bylaws, Investment Brochure, form letter from Mass. Congregational Conference, Letters to Arthur Capen 1940 to 1944 . Memorandum of Agreement; List of contributions to the fund.…
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