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Program, First Congregational Church, 50th Anniversary. Poem by J H Owen called Anniversary Hymn, letter to Mr Rice re improvements to church dated August 21, 1939. Copy to Rev.Douglas Small

Sketch of Second Congregational Church. This church was built in 1825 and burned in 1889. See Papers on The History of Worthington, page 78. The first church was built on the corner of Sam Hill Road and West Street, later moved to Harvey Road.…

Mary Hitchcock pastel portrait of Emerson Davis in a spiral bound Strathmore paper pad. There is also on the back of the drawing a drawing of original Congregational Church. No date. Identify for exhibit.

Bylaws and Contributions of Sunday School, Congregational Church Copy given to Rev.Douglas Small

Hand written lined paper with names relating to 50th anniversary of the First Congregational Church building. Also, invitation to the anniversary with reference to youthful members.

Alfred P. Stone to R. N. Wright. Concerning one-half of a certain pew in the Congregational Church formerly belonging to Cyprian Parish, deceased for the sum of $15.00

List of members in 1932 and the Constitution and Bylaws of the First Congregational Church of Worthington, MA adopted 1930.

Original and one copy of correspondence in file in Box 43, 43-24. From Society of Architectural Historians, Building of the United States to Mrs. Frank Feakes - general comments and observations about the architectural importance of the…

Music written and performed by Michael A. McAnulty, [Church] Bell Choir Director 1996 - 2002.' Presented by the Worthington Congregational Church Bell Choir in his memory to be kept in the permanent archives of the Worthington Historical Society,…

Relates to 50th Anniversary of the Congregational Church building. 'Throng attends observance at First Church'

Newspaper clipping tells story of the 1887 fire at the First Congregational Church built in 1825. This clipping is mounted on brown construction paper 'We have sad intelligence to report this week.........' (also a typed copy in Box Box 30b -…

Plans/blueprints of original architectural drawings of first Congregational Church constructed at the end of the 19th century. Architects are Redwick, Aspinwall and Russell (Walter T. Owen, pricipal architect), 71 Broadway, NYC, NY. Most are 21' x…

A copy of the address given by Rev. John H. Bisbee on December 18, 1863. It was delivered on the 25th anniversary of his becoming pastor of the First Congregational Church. It was printed by Trumbull & Gere Printers, Northampton

Two copies, Confession of Faith, Covenant, and Articles of Agreement of the Worthington First Congregational Church, adopted April 1, 1771 and published by vote of the Church, December 31, 1841

Church bulletin from 5/22/1988, the 100th anniversary service. Second item is the 1985 Annual Report (of the First Congregational Church).

Two copies of the Program for the 100th Anniversary of the laying of the cornerstone of the present Congregational church on August 30, 1987. This service conducted by Rev. Luther Pierce is based on the original (see 260/ / #526). Efforts to open…

Copy of a one page program of singing that occurred on Wednesday evening, June 12, 1895 at the Congregational Church, Miss Harriet Brewster, organist. Also May Gurney (Ted Porter's grandmother)

This is a copy of the program for the services held in connection with the Annual Meeting of the Hampshire Conference of Congregational Churches held in Worthington on May 23, 24, 1888.

2 typewritten transcriptions of ' Some Gleanings from the Sermons of Reverend Jonathan Law Pomeroy, Minister of the Congregational Church, 1794-1832'. Read at the WHS Meeting August 18, 1945 by Harlan Creelman

newspaper clippings mounted on board, recto verso. Address given by Bisbee on the occasion of the centennial celebration, August 20, 1868; news record of memorial services for Rev. Bisbee, February 7, 1892; Dedication of Congregational church 1888.
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