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First Congregational Church bylaws.

Minutes, Congregational Church Board of Trustees handwritten notes of Board of Trustees' Minutes of Meetings of the Worthington Congregational Church

Publication - Manual for Trustees of Congregational Christian Churches Manual for Trustees of Congregational Christian Churches. Instructions

Publication - Handbook of Standard Procedures in Services From the Department of the Ministry of the Congregational Christian Churches. Steps to become a minister.

Account Book, Ledger, Worthington Congregational Church hand written records of duties, minutes, etc.

Account Book, Ledger, Worthington Congregational Church Hand written Trustees' reports

Church Bulletin 150th anniversary celebration of Worthington Congregational Church. Drawing of church on front. F. W. Moulton is pastor; Russell H. Conwell delivered the sermon; Arthur G. Capen, Mrs. Leon M. Conwell and Mrs. Edward G. Bligh played…

Publication, Canvassing and Church Finance 1. Guide for the Chairman of the Every Member Canvass
2. Facts for Canvassers to help you in your Every Member Canvass
3. Meeting Buide for the Chairman of the Every member Canvass
4. A Manual of Methods…

Record, Time Capsule of Congregational Church Inventory Inventory of tube which holds Time Capsule items. (cross reference: 2005a-001 for photograph of burial of time capsule -- on east corner of church (Ed Lewis among those who buried item).

Wooden Box Made for Church Bronze plaque in inside lid indicates box given by Charles Wesley Tower to Church on its 150th anniversary for the safekeeping of its records. "who made it with his own hands in his 72 year from black cherry grown on the…

Scrapbook - Photo Book of Memorial Window Picture book of stain glass memorial window in memory of Rev. Frederick Sargent Huntington: "The photos in this book show views of the window from the north wall of the sanctuary of the Worthington…

Publication, Program, Reverend Douglas George Small Appreciation Recognition and Appreciation Weekend for Rev. Douglas George Small and his family. First Congregational Church, Worthington. Contains biography of Rev. Small.

Church - Report, Anniversary Fund, Katharine McDowell Rice Handwritten report by Katharine McDowell Rice on the Anniversary Fund for the Congregational Church. Included is a ringed set of notes indicating contributions and donors. Also includes small…

Church - Letter, solicitation for Anniversary Fund, Katharine McDowell Rice This appears to be a form letter which must have been sent to potential donors to the Worthington Congregational Church 150th anniversary of its organization on August 5 and…

Church - Diary, 150th Anniversary Celebration Booklet This booklet is the program for the August 5 and 6, 1923 150th year Anniversary Celebration of the Worthington Congregational Church (1771-1921). Pastor F. W. Moulton Sunday morning, Sunday…

Typed transcript from Hampshire Gazette, April 5, 1887. Subject: Destruction of Congregational Church by fire. Please also see Box 24g for actual newspaper clipping describing the fire.

"First Day of Spring in Worthington" Springfield Union photo......Emerson Davis shovels to break through 10-foot drift in front of Congregational Church so that Easter services may be conducted on Sunday."

Daily Hampshire Gazette article: Worthington Congregational Church to observe bicentennial July 11th. Article by Lucie Mollison. Pictured are present church painted white, drawing of third church by Jerrilee Bunce Cain, parsonage on Huntington Road…

10 copies of "Commemorative Service of the First Congregational Church (UCC) of Worthington on the occasion of the bicentennial of the Town of Worthington, Massachusetts, June 30, 1968.

"Your invitation to Fellowship and Worship" Has a picture of the First Congregational Church.
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