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Record of money orders issued by the post office. Includes the names of many townspeople. Covers the period 1892-1935.

Cancellation stamp from Ringville Post Office, date unknown. Plated metal at base; ink residue shows; handle is wood-enamelled.

Letter to J Herbert Owen concerning origin of first post office in Worthington. Letter from W W Howes, first assistant Post Master General. Also includes copy of statement written on brown wrapping paper in possession of Merwin F Packard when…

3 copies of 200-year anniversary invitation to Post Office Commemoration Ceremony; names of postmasters and dates of appointments; Daily Hammpshire Gazette article pertaining to open house; Berkshire Eagle - same (2 copies); 2 stamped envelopes…

This is the last one-cent postard cancelled by the Worthington Post Office; the one-cent rate was long-standing. From Charles C. Eddy (Cullen Packard's brother in law) to Cullen (Pete) Packard.

Numerous clippings collected by Post Office 'Postmaster Packard,' and additional articles on the post office by Lois Ashe Brown. 2 articles about Harriet Osgood. Dates range from 1966 - 1987. Covers acquisition of a re-purposed mail canceling…

1. Envelope marking last day of operation of Ringville Post Office on 2/15/1935 (note .03c stamp); (Envelope marking South Worthington Post Office discontinued 9/30/1927). Also contains certificate and other correspondence

Letter from American Employees Insurance Co.; lists of postmasters of Worthington P.O. from 1796-1987; attachment of hand-written paper describing W.P.O. origin giving mail stage routes from 1793-94 (route through Roberts Meadow, Chesterfield and…

Documents show dates of appointments from 1789-1970 from the National Archives, Washington, D.C. Covers Worthington (Corners) West Worthington, South Worthington and Ringville, all of which had separate post offices at times during the 19c.

South Worthington post office est. 1857; list of postmasters from 1867-1918. West Worthington post office est. 1839; list of postmasters from 1839-1913. Ringville post office est. 1851; list of postmasters from1851-1918. 2 copies

Record of financial transactions at the post office.

Record of financial transactions at the post office.
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