Newspaper article - Worthington Town Meeting including History and Photos

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Newspaper article - Worthington Town Meeting including History and Photos


Rotogravure Section of the Springfield Republican entitled 'Town Meeting.' 'These photos of the Town Meeting in Worthington, Mass., portray a form of government indiginous to New England, which is democratic and colorful in its operation. In this state, these meetings are called by the town selectmen in the form of a warrant directed to the constable, who is charged with warning and giving notice to all registered voters. The warrant, drawn and published by the town clerk, includes notice in the form of articles of all business to be acted upon. Any article in writing, signed by 10 or more voters must be included in the town warrant as prescribed under the General Laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.' Photos by Paul Krause include: Officials: seate pm stage pf tje 97 year old town hall - Franklin H. Burr, Arthur A. Codding, Joseph Sena, Henry H. Snyder. Fayette Stevens, Ernest Thayer, Fordyce Knapp, Herbert G. Porter, school children to be identified, Nathanirl Hliffrn, Walter tower, Philip S. Dodge, Mrs. Joseph Sena, Mrs. Mrvis (Peg) Rollant, Mrs. Fayette Stevens, WBS serving a noontime buffet lunch which includes Mrs. Walter Tower, Mrs. John Ames, Mrs. Warren Howe, and Mrs. Leroy Rida; townspeople including Mrs. Harlan Creelman, Mrs. Clarence Pease, Mrs. Ernest Thayer, Mr. Arthur Capen, George Dodge, Sr., Maurice Smith, and Melsome Pease.



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