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  • Collection: Winter Scenes of Worthington, Massachusetts

'The Farm'. Uncle Sam, W. G. R. Jr., and 'Bale'.' Shown is William G. Rice Jr. (Uncle Sam) is shoveling snow from the SE side of 'The Farm.' Includs Bale (the dog). Appears to be the same dog depicted in several photographs sleeping in front of a…

Black and white with greys brought out in developing process. Shown is view from Old North Road to the east from the house in winter. In winter showing wide outlook toward Northampton as written by H.L.P.R., Mrs. Rice. Worthington 1902. Eastern View…

Black and white developed with grays predominant. Photograph of Horse Barns in winter at 'the Farm.' On Old North Road. Evergreens and barns shown. Initalied H.P.L.R. Mrs. Rice 'Worthington Winter 1904, evergreens and barns - The Farm, HLPR'…

Black and white possibly with paint flecked snow flakes of 'The Farm' on Old North Road. Poem on bottom front: 'So all night long the storm roared on;/ The morning broke without a sun.' John Greenleaf Whittier part of Snow-bound Series; initialed…

Photograph - 'Snow blower from Westover' from the scrapbook of Helen Magargal (1945)

Copied from scrapbook of Helen Magargal.

Photograph - 'At our home on Buffington Hill Road' Child on skis

Sepia photograph mounted on black bevelled board of the Arthur Capen/Randall House in winter; only 1 chimney on main house. Note the dark trim and garage.
On envelope 'Same as Howes Bros photos'.

'Dan Porter in his driveway.' Winter scene. Mr. Porter stands with an early 1940s Ford automobile.

Mary Lou Osgood, Jerry, Carrie and Eunice Bartlett

Snow Scene with Two Children on Brown Hill Road

Old Post Road following ice storm. Black and white glossy print shows power lines and bent trees. Possibly useful for Papers on the History of Worthington re-publication.

Black and white glossy print shows house in ice storm; also a utility pole in foreground on Old Post Road. Capen-Reardon home also shown. Possibly useful for republication of Papers on the History of Worthington.

Black and white photograph of chicken barn on Burr farm on Kinne Brook Road. Winter scene with blowing snow. Scanned photo and photocopy only.

Black and white photograph of a house owned by Frank Robinson on the south side of Old North Road. It no longer exists. Written on the back: 'This picture was taken by Miss Elsie V[enner] Bartlett. The house stood on Cold Street at the junction of…

Black and white glossy photograph of a snowbank in the mid 20th century. Man standing on a snowbank.

Black and white glossy photograph shows 'Corner at light in Worthington. Corners Store in background. Shows heavy snow fall at mid 20th century. Lovely photograph for possible use.

Chesterfield to Worthington.' Most likely taken on Route 143. Black and white glossy photograph shows heavy snow fall.
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