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Papers on the History of Worthington (second edition, 2008). A reprint and update of the 1983 first edition. 467 pages. $40.



Daniel R. Porter III Monograph Series
Daniel Porter’s four original monographs were reprinted in 2007 through the efforts and generous contributions of Sara Upton.

Worthington’s General Stores.  $15

Worthington’s Industries.  $15


Forty Worthington Houses.  $20

Selling Worthington: A History of the Early Sale of Plantation Number 3. Includes section on Worthington’s pioneers, Beverly (Bee) Smith’s transcription of the “Edgerton Papers,” and Frank Feakes’ map of the original Worthington lots. $20



The South Worthington Parish (“Moody Book”), by Rev. G. R. Moody, reprint of 1912 edition. Proceeds benefit Worthington’s Frederick Sargent Huntington Library. $15



Early Schools in Worthington, by Helen Bartlett Magargal. The original monograph, from 2000, was reprinted in 2006 through the efforts and generous contributions of Sara Upton. $15

Worthington Bicentennial March (sheet music, 1968) by Rolande Schrade, celebrating the Worthington Bicentennial. $1




Karin and Bob Cook: Surviving Independently in a Modern World (DVD, 2011, 82 minutes). Interview by Kate Ewald. Part I: Building the Country Life; Part II: Continuing Endeavors. Produced by Edward and Helen Pelletier. $15




A Visit with Archer FitzGerald (DVD, 2008) Interview by Pat Kennedy in 2007. Produced by Edward and Helen Pelletier. $15




Ralph Moran Remembers (DVD, 2007). With Ralph Moran and Grant Bowman. Produced by Edward and Helen Pelletier. $15

World War II Veterans’ Commemoration (VHS or DVD, 2003). With Bob Randall, Robert Epperly, Bill Wilson, Harold Brown and others. $15


Millennium Quilt Unveiling, September 2010 (DVD, 38 minutes). Records the presentation of the Worthington Millennium Quilt to the WHS, by the Worthington Quilting Group, at the 2010 Annual Meeting. Several quilters share their experiences. $15

Worthington Historical Society 50th Anniversary (DVD, 22 minutes). Features WHS board member Ted Claydon chronicling the construction of the WHS building, plus a visual presentation of the construction process. $15



An Interview with Rolande & Robert Schrade (DVD, 2014, 68 minutes). In this interview recorded September 11, 2008, at the Academy in South Worthington, the Schrades discuss moving to Worthington, purchasing the Academy building, their musical family, and their renowned summer concert series, Sevenars. The DVD, produced by Edward & Helen Pelletier, also includes a tour of the Academy’s three floors. $30 (proceeds divided equally between WHS, the Pelletiers, and the Schrades)

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