A. D. Thrasher mystery panorama

We need your help identifying an exciting new item in our collection!

The Worthington Historical Society has been racking its collective brain to identify the scene in this panoramic photo signed by Arthur Dean Thrasher (click on the photo for greater detail):

Arthur and his brother Herbert Thrasher worked as photographers and produced many of the postcards in our collection, but this is the first panoramic shot we’ve come across. Arthur was born in Chester, MA, in 1886, and lived in Worthington when the 1910 census was taken. As of 1917 he lived in Mt. Clemens, Michigan, and as of 1920 he had moved to Miami, where he married Clara Morgan in 1922. By 1927 Arthur and Clara lived in Litchfield County, CT, where Arthur died in 1935. Since “So. Worthington” is written on the photograph, we suspect the scene is from the Worthington area.

Some closeups are below – again, you can click the photos and then click again for closer detail. (Thanks to Kate Ewald for photographing the photograph so well.) There appear to be several white-clad figures playing golf, but we’re not certain. We cannot think of a viewpoint on the Worthington golf course that makes sense scenically or topographically. If you have any insights on this photo, please respond on our Facebook page, enter a comment below, or write to contact@worthingtonhistoricalsociety.org. Please help us solve this mystery!